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Automatic Electrolyte Filling Machine Series

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Vacuum Based Filling Technique: Different Filling Modes:

EasyFill’s patent pending vacuum aided filling technique allows electrolyte filling into a close cell with a single-hole. Suitable for any size cell from 1 × 1 cm to 30 × 30 cm. Automatically adjusted for cell height. Automatically returns extra electrolyte back to the bottle after filling.

EasyFill provides three different filing modes namely “Full”, “Open Air”, and “Basic” . In the “Full” mode filling process can be performed under inert gas (N2, Ar, He) conditions and the “Open Air” filling is performed under normal room environment. Basic operation mode does not need external vacuum pump. In this mode EasyFill uses its built-in ejector type vacuum generator to evacuate the cell.

For cell size up to 15 x 15 cm

For cell size up to 15 x 15 cm with automatic multi cell filling capability
For cell size up to 30 x 30 cm with automatic multi cell filling capability


Chemical Resistance Filling Head: Single Mouse Click Filling:

EasyFill can handled wide range of electrolytes with different solvents. Its transporting tubes, filling-tip assembly, and filling-tip seal were made with Teflon, SUS, and silicon rubber, respectively.

EasyFill-mini can be easily connected to your PC through the USB port and remotely controls the filing process with the EasyFill-2011 software. User friendly graphical-user-interfaces (GUI) of EasyFill-2011 allows user to control all the filling parameters and save custom settings that best match for special applications. EasyFill-2011 software comes with factory defaults set of filling parameters those are optimized for commonly used DSC electrolytes.

EasyFill-master settings tab
Graphical user interface of EasyFill-master controll software

EasyFill-master Auto tab
EasyFill-master Manual tab
Advanced Filling Options:
Changeable filling parameters allows user to set optimized setting for their needs and special applications. Factory default settings were optimized for standard DSC electrolytes
EasyFill-master Advanced settings tab
Self Cleaning Process:
EasyFill’s self cleaning process washed out and dry all the tubes, filling head, and tip.



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