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Automatic Electrode Pile-up & Heat Curing Machine for Flexible DSC Production


Automatic Electrode Pile-up & Heat Curing Machine

Production Rate: 2 Modules/min (with 2 min curing time)

Technical Specifications

Loading method Top electrodes: Automatically pick from the loading tray. About 135 sheets (assuming 0.2 mm thickness for a sheet) can be loaded to the tray.
Bottom electrodes: Manually load on to the hotplate by user.
Unloading method Automatically unload completed modules to the unloading tray. Tray can hold about 70 modules (assuming 0.4 mm thickness for a module). User should clear the tray before overflowing it.
Electrode pick-up method Vacuum pads (4). Recommended maximum service temperature of rubber pads are 200°C.
(Manufactures absolute maximum service temperature is 230°C) 
Vacuum levels for weight blocks and flexible electrode sheets For weight blocks: Full vacuum level of the pump
For flexible electrodes: Vacuum level can be lower until electrode deformation disappear by rotating 2 flow-control valves.
Size of electrodes (mm) 100 × 100
Number of pile-up locations on the hotplate 4
Top electrode aligning method Pre-determind position on the bottom electrode.
(User can change the offset distance of 2 electodes in the program)
Positioning accuracy of robot ( μm) ±5
Weight block size (mm) 100 × 100
Weight block thickness 0.1 – 15 mm (User can change the value in the program)
Maximum weight of the block 1.2 kg
Supported electrode thicknesses (mm) 0.05 - 5
Normal operation temperature of hotplate 150 C
Maximum recommended hotplate temperature 230 C
PC interface (for modifying programs) RS-232, (USB to RS-232 converter will be supplied)
Power Supply 100 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W × D × H)  (mm) 500 × 710 × 568
Weight 35 kg



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