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KM-300 Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Machine

KM-300 SPD apparatus is designed for substrates up to 300 mm by 300 mm. It utilize three spray nozzles with special scanning pattern to reduce the overall coating time and produce highly uniform film.



Dimension (mm):
Painting Color
Input power source

2,000 (W)×1,200 (D)×1,900 (H)
JPCA: A25-90A
3 phase 200 VAC 50/60 Hz 125 A
150 NL/min, 0.5 MPa, Intake: Φ8

Fresh air intake system

With a filter, Air-intake quantity (variable)
Heat-resistant hard coating (1000℃), Smooth-surface
Local exhaust ventilation system is under review.
Detachable and washable
Explosion pressure diffusion aperture
Ease of maintenance
Exhaust system
Powder collection equipment
Heat-resistant exhaust blower
Cyclone separator
It is set inside of the apparatus
Spray Elevating stage for the heater
Elevating stage for the heater : Manual operation, Spray distance: 350mm±50mm
Spray Nozzle
Spray nozzle (x3) : Fusou Seiki product, Type: STS6R-1.0, with a micro adjust
Spray nozzle arrangement
Number of nozzles
Mounting distance
Min. 75mm, Max. 150mm, Pitch: 25mm
X-Y driving equipment



Driving source
Movable coating area

X-axis: 525mm
Y-axis: 525mm
X-axis: Max.:150 mm/s
Y-axis: Max.:150 mm/s
Servo motor
400mm × 400mm Max.

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