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KV-100 front

KV-100 Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Machine


Substrate size Up to 100 mm × 100 mm
Substrate temperature Max. 550 °C
Spray distance 150 mm to 250 mm (motorized)
Reaction chamber W320 mm x D360 x H360 mm
Teflon coated for corrosion resistance
External dimensions W650 mm x D400 x H850 mm
Weight 80 kg
Capacity of solution bottle 250 ml

Special Features

Moving spray nozzle Spray nozzle is mounted on motorized x-y stage and utilizes special spray line pattern to produce uniform film.
Spray rate control

Liquid-feeding-system of KV-100 equipped with an automated syringe pump allows user to set exact spray rate and total volume of liquid as initial parameters.
Remote control oparation Can be connected to a personal computer through an USB port and controlled all the functions remotely. Unlimited number of recipes can be saved with the computer.


Power supply and power consumption 100 VAC Single phase,50/60 Hz, 1.5 kW
Air source pressure Over 0.6 MPa
(oil free air only, inlet: 6 mm ø)
Exhaust system Built-in exhaust pump with powder filters.
Exhaust outlet: 50 mm
KV-100 Back

New Features

  • Built-in exhaust pump with input and output dust filters. (Exhaust air may contain chemical vapor. External scrubber must be used to clean exhaust air)
  • Easy setting of operation parameters using front panel keypad and LCD.
  • Up to 9 sets of different film making recipes can be stored in the memory.
  • Can be control remotely through a personal computer. (PC is not supplied as a part of the machine)   
  • Spray rate and volume in each spray, and total volume are displayed on LCD. 
  • Automatic initializing and ending functions: removes air from the tubes at the beginning and drain chemical at the end. Automatic cleaning function: assists user to clean the system.      
  • Substrate and heater temperatures, and atomizing air pressure are displayed on a separate LCD. (KV-100 continuously monitors those parameters and gives warning messages if deviate from preset range.)
  • Heater is controlled by cascade PID controller with 2 temperature sensors. Five different sets of PID values can be stored for different temperature regions.  


Porous and dense thin film formation Transparent conducting oxide films (ITO, FTO, AZO, ATO etc.) Other functional films (TiO2, ZnO, SnO2, Cu2O, SnS etc.)

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