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KV-25 Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Machine


Substrate size Up to 25 mm × 25 mm
Substrate temperature Max. 550 °C
Spray distance 150 mm to 300 mm (continuous)
Reaction chamber W320 mm x D360 x H360 mm
Teflon coated for corrosion resistance
External dimensions W650 mm x D400 x H730 mm
Weight 50 kg
Capacity of solution bottle 250 ml


Moving spray nozzle Spray nozzle is mounted on motorized stage to move on a circular path in order to increase uniform coverage area. (Important for porous metal oxide films such as TiO2 where direct physical deposition occurs by evaporating solvent instead of pyrolysis)
User Interface

KV-25 can be controlled using on-board keypad and LCD or can be connected to a personal computer* via the Bluetooth
(*personal computer is not included to the machine) 


Power supply and power consumption 100 VAC Single phase,50/60 Hz, 1.5 kW
or 240 VAC Single phase (on request)
Air source pressure Over 0.6 MPa
(oil free air only, inlet: 6 mm ø)
Exhaust system Built-in exhaust pump with powder filters.
Exhaust outlet: 45 mm

New Features

  • Built-in exhaust pumps with input and output dust filters. (Exhaust air may contains chemical vapor that should  go through a laboratory fume hood)
  • Easy setting of operation parameters through keypad and LCD.
  • KV-25 can be controled remortly using Bluetooth comunication with PC software.
  • Up to 10 sets of different operation parameter (programs) storage capacity. 
  • Included a real time liquid flow monitoring system to display actual spray volume in each spray and total volume sprayed. 
  • Automatically fill tubes (remove air) when new chemical bottle connected. Clearing tubes by returning liquid can be done by pressing a single key, before disconnecting chemical bottle.      
  • Substrate and heater temperatures, atomizing and liquid air pressures digitally display on the LCD. (Continuously monitor those parameters and give warning message if deviate from preset range.)
  • Heater controlled by cascade PID controller with 2 temperature sensors. Five different set of PID value can be stored for different temperature regions.   


Porous and dense thin film formation Transparent conducting oxide films (ITO, FTO, AZO etc.) Other functional films (TiO2, ZnO, SnO2, Cu2O, SnS etc.)


"Operation" tab of the control software shows basic operation parameters and control buttons
"SPD Parameter" tab of the control software allow user to set all spray parameters. and save and load recipes.
Maintenance" tab of the control software has several functions related to machine maintenance      

"Advanced Settings" tab of the control software allow to set machine specific advanced parameters.    



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