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UV Irradiation Apparatus (VK-UV-1515)


Ultraviolet irradiation system performs hardening process of UV-curing resin which is used to bond photo-electrode and counter-elctrode of a solar cell. 


  • Supported samples up to 150 × 150 mm in size.
  • Sample is mounted on a rotating table to archive uniform irradiation.
  • Emits UVA radiation (300- 420 nm) that suitable for most of UV-resin available in the market.
  • Micro controller based built in timer, precisely control the UV irradiation time, memorized  total lamp usage.
  • Customizable for mounting across the conveying belt and remote operation for integration with automatic production line. 


Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
UV Output UVA radiation 300- 420 nm
Sample holder Rotating table (200 mm diameter)
Supported sample size up to 150 × 150 mm square
Sample holder rotation speed 10 rev/min
Number of discharge lamps 15
Discharge lamp lighting method High frequency electronic inverter
Average life time of the discharge lamps 2000 hours
(Warning message will display when reach to 2000 h limit)
Cooling system Forced air cooling (fan)
Dimensions (W × D × H)  (mm) 273 × 360 × 255
Weight 5 kg



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