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Four in one

  1. Utilized ultra fast linear voltage ramp (up to 50,000,000 mV/s) to analyze transient behavior of solar cell.

  2. Solar cell capacitance measurements under the both of dark and illumination conditions

  3. Hysteresis analysis with ultra fast I-V scans.

  4. Automatic range selection


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Capacitor Analyzer VK-CA-1000 Specifications

Measuring Technique

Analyzing the behavior of cell-current under ultrafast linear-voltage-ramp. The analyzer can generate voltage ramp (usually set from 0 to open-circuit voltage (Voc) of the cell) which will change cell voltage from 0 to Voc within few microseconds and collect V and I data as faster as 4 M samples per seconds with 16-bit resolution.


Can be used to analyze solar cell capacitance under the both illuminated and dark conditions. It can be used to analyze the hysteresis effect of solar cells with ultra-fast cyclic I-V scans.

User Interface and data collection

Computer software is provided for control of all functions and data logging. Measurement data can be saved as a text file and directly plotted on ®Microsoft Excel graph. (Windows-based PC required)



Power Requirement

100 – 240 VAC (50-60 Hz)


93 mm x 210 mm x 350 mm


2.5 kg






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