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This unit can read up to 8 channels of voltage (with 24-bit resolution) and wirelessly transfer to PC software for display & plot. Also there trigger input line to synchronize data reading with external event. available to control external devices. This unit comes with user friendly control software and can be integrated with SPD Lab PV Power Analyzers, and capacitor and Battery Analyzer.


  • 24-bit ADC Resolution
  • Up to 8 channels voltage data collection capability
  • Up to 30,000 samples per second conversion rate
  • Seven different measuring ranges 5 V …. 78 mV
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication



Download VK-PA-100 Software

High-Resolution Wireless Data Logger

Voltage Ranges and reading resolution

Voltage Range

5 V 596 nV
2.5 V 298 nV
1.25 V 149 nV
625 mV 75 nV
312 mV 37 nV
156 mV 19 nV
78 mV 9 nV

Number of Analog Input Channels


Data Conversion  Rate (SPS)

up to 1120

Input Impedance

80 MΩ (<50 SPS),     10 MΩ (>2000 SPS)

Analog to digital  conversion resolution


Number of trigger Input  (0 - 3.3V)

1 (voltage data reading can be synchronize with this input)

Control Software

Data logger control software is supplied with the system (can be integrated to VK-PA series  and VK-CA series analyzer software)



Power supply

DC  5V  (AC adaptor is supplied)

Electrical standard
Dimensions W 149 mm x D 170 mm x H 54 mm
Weight 350 g

Screenshot of "Operation" tab of the VK-DL-1256 control software

Screenshot of "Settings " tab of the VK-DL-1256 control software


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