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  • Specially designed for electric-double layer capacitors (EDLCs), battery, and solar cell research
  • Source and measure up to 20V and 10A
  • Versatile control software provides all necessary data analyzing tools with automated curve fitting to evaluate capacitance, power, energy of EDLCs, and capacity, cycles life testing of batteries.
  • Constant current charge-discharge test
  • Cyclic voltammetry curves
  • Self discharge analysis
  • Can be use as a potentiostat or a galvanostat with 4 probes

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Capacitor and Battery Analyzer VK-PA-8000
(VMK-8000) Specifications:

Measurement Range

Max. Voltage: 20 V
Max. Current: 10 A (pulse)
8 A (continuous)
with 5½-digits measuring resolution

Measuring Technique

Digital Source Meter

A/D Converters

24 Bit (2 independent ADCs for V & I readings)
up to 30,000 SPS

User Interface and data collecting

Computer software is provided for control of all the functions and data logging. Measurement data can be saved as a text file and directly plotted  on ®Microsoft Excel graph.   (Windows based PC required)


Through a USB Port 

Power Requirement

100 – 240 VAC (50-60 Hz) 3A

Electrical standard
Dimensions 320 mm(W) x 150 mm(H) x 230 mm(D)
Weight 10 kg

Main Functions

For electric-double layer capacitor (Supper Capacitor) analyzing
  • Measurement of constant current charge-discharge test with given voltage compliance.
  • Plot cyclic voltammetry curve
  • Curve fittings for ideal RC model and nonlinear real model R-CPE(Q , α).
  • Calculation of energy vs. time plots
  • Calculation of energy vs. power curve
  • Self discharge analysis
  • Cycle life testing
For Battery Analyzing:
  • Measurement of constant current charge-discharge curve with given voltage compliance.
  • Analysis of both charge and discharge data
  • Self discharge analysis
  • Cycle life testing
  • Limit based analysis (voltage, current, temperature, ohmic value)
General capabilities:
  • I-V tracing for solar cell
  • Use as potentiostat with 4 wires
  • Use as galvanostat 4-probe resistance measurement
  • Use as lead-acid, Li-ion, Li polymer battery charger up to 8A and 20 V
  • All data and graphs can be directly save as ®Microsoft Excel files
  • All measurement parameters can be saved and reload when needed to repeat at the same experiment.

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Latest Version
VMK-8000 Software Version

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Screenshots and Demonstration Videos of Capacitor and Battery Analyzer Software

Screenshot of constant current charge-discharge plots for series of givan current values.
Maximum charging voltage limit and discharge limit can be set to desired values.
Capasitance and efective resistance will be calculated for each cureve using automatic curve fitting algorithm.




Screenshot of Supper capasitor self discharge analysis


Screen shot of solar cell I-V tracing.



Screenshot of potentiostat/galvanostat function tab


Screenshot showing data saving options


Screenshot of “Analyzer Settings” tab



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