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Main Functions

  1. Solar Cell I-V Curve Tracing

  2. Maximum Power Point Tracking

  3. Four Quadrant I-V Analysis

Experimental results taken by Segawa laboratory, University of Tokyo

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Findout the unique features of SPD Lab PV Power Analyzers





PV Power Analyzer VK-PA-300 Specifications

Measurement Range

Voltage: ±12 V
Current: ±2A (±4 A Pulse)
with 5½-digits resolution

Measuring Technique

Digital Source Meter


Front:  4 probes for PV devise

A/D Converters

24 Bit (2 independent ADCs for V & I measurements)

User Interface and data collecting

Computer software is provided for control of all the functions and data logging. Measurement data can be saved as a text file and directly plotted  on ®Microsoft Excel graph.   (Windows based PC required)



Power Requirement

100 – 240 VAC (50-60 Hz)

Electrical standard
Dimensions 133 mm x 260 mm x 350 mm
Weight 5 kg

Main Functions

Solar Cell I-V curve Tracing

User selectable START, END and STEP voltages. Plots current and power vs. voltage curves. Calculated results include Voc, Isc, Jsc, Pmax, Vmpp, I mpp, FF, Rs, RSH, ƞactiveA, and ƞgeoA . User can set the desired scan speed, scan time, or holding time. Advanced I-V option allows initial, middle, and end point holding times. I vs. t transient plot for all data points and/or under a selected fixed voltage.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Analyzer acts like the best load for the cell to extract maximum power and keep tracking MPP continuously. Plots Pmax ,Vmpp , Impp and Efficiency vs. time curves and also display current/power vs. voltage plots. In addition user can directly measure the open circuit voltage, short circuit current and plot the current vs. time under a given fixed output voltage.

cyclic voltammetry Analysis
4QD I-V User selectable START, END, STEP voltages and SCAN SPEED (mV/s). Plot current vs. voltage curve for given number of voltage sweep cycles in potentiostat mode. Can be use in 3 electrodes liquid cell with reference electrode.


Screenshots of control software












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